About laboratory

Civil engineering laboratory work consists of workshops and experiments designed to expose students with essential problem solving and experimental techniques. The objectives are to:
  • Strengthen and to relate the fundamental theories with laboratory experiments
  • Perform laboratory experiments in the field of concrete, geotechnic, fluid mechanics, and structural engineering
  • Analyse experimental data, relate to the theoretical aspects and write laboratory reports.
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     1. T/TABLE FOR SAB3011 SECT O2 HAS BEEN AMMENDED. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!! (posted on 20/11/2012) 
    2. Please adhere to laboratory rules & regulation
    • proper dress code-labcoat & proper shoes. Labcoat can be purchased at Unit Ukur, FKA (En Kamrul)
    • bring the test manual during lab classes

    SKAA 2012 has one open-ended experiment called rock mechanics test. SAB 3011  has  two open-ended experiment  - concrete mix design dan riverflow measurement. Open-ended experiment embraces the principles of out-come based education (OBE). Find out more click here

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